The OSA program is designed to enhance your existing safety program by leveraging the collective expertise of its members and focusing on processes and behaviors that can lead to SIFs.  As a participant in the OSA, companies commit to carry out certain defined safety actions within their organization. A cornerstone of the program is worker safety and promotion of life saving actions that educate workers on the most critical safety hazards and emphasize key actions that workers can take to protect themselves and their colleagues from the hazards.


The OSA Participant Actions help companies take meaningful steps across the 5 OSA foundational areas to reduce hazards and prevent incidents within their organizations and to build a culture of safety.  These actions support both personal and process safety and are designed to provide flexibility to companies in how they are implemented because every company is at a different point along their safety journey.  

OSA Participant Actions

ACTION 1: Participate in and support the Onshore Safety Alliance Learn More

ACTION 2: Implement a Life Saving Actions Program Learn More

ACTION 3: Ensure Worker Awareness & Knowledge of Life Saving Actions Learn More

ACTION 4: Implement an Incident Investigation and Learning Program Learn More

ACTION 5: Perform Risk Assessments for Common Process Safety Hazards Learn More

ACTION 6: Improve Effectiveness in Preventing and Mitigating High Consequence Well Control Incidents Learn More

Join The Alliance

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