Participant Action 5

Perform Risk Assessments for Common Process Safety Hazards

Participant Action:

Perform risk assessment(s) for potentially high-risk activities associated with drilling, completions, flowback, well service and ongoing production operations. 

At a minimum, the participant will conduct risk assessments for the following activities, as applicable to their operations: 

  • Drilling – Loss of Well Control
  • Drilling – Loss of Primary Containment
  • Drilling – Wellhead/Tree Damage
  • Completions/Flowbacks – Loss of Well Control
  • Completions/Flowbacks – Loss of Primary Containment
  • Completions/Flowbacks – Perforating Gun Failure
  • Well Service – Loss of Well Control
  • Ongoing Operations/Production – Loss of Primary Containment

Implementation Principles:

  • A risk assessment is a tool used to analyze risk.  It helps decisionmakers identify things that can go wrong and determine controls to prevent or mitigate the risk. 
  • For each risk assessment, participant will identify existing and potential new barriers and safeguards to mitigate risk of SIF events. Participants should consider implementing each identified new potential barrier if significant to reducing risk of SIFs.
  • Participants should revalidate the risks annually for each area the company has operations.
  • The OSA program provides flexibility in how a participant meets the objective of this action but encourages the use of the risk assessment templates for each of the 8 activities provided to participants as part of the Resource Library or an equivalent methodology.   

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