Participant Action 6

Improve Effectiveness in Preventing and Mitigating High Consequence Well Control Incidents

Participant Action: 

Take the following steps to improve the effectiveness of your well control programs:

  • Create a well control barrier philosophy appropriate within their organization, 
  • Verify that appropriate worksite personnel understand and maintain well control barriers and practices, 
  • Ensure that appropriate worksite personnel are trained in well control methods through an accredited program, and
  • Implement an internal method to track well control incidents and lessons learned to prevent future incidents.

Implementation Principles: 

  • Loss of well control may be one of the greatest potential safety hazards at a worksite.  A well control barrier policy can ensure operations integrity during the life cycle of the well.  Well control barriers may include both physical and operational elements taken to prevent a loss of well control.   
  • The Onshore Safety Alliance provides flexibility in how a participant meets the objective of this action. As part of its Resource Library, the OSA provides guidance on what a well control barrier philosophy could look like.
  • For reporting and sharing/learning purposes, the OSA will collect information on well control incidents.  

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