Workforce Area

The Workforce area focuses on establishing programs that educate, engage and evaluate the workforce on the most critical safety hazards found at their worksites and actions they can take to minimize their exposure.

Key steps that companies might take within this area to improve overall safety focus on training & qualifications, communication and engagement, and oversight and feedback.

OSA Participant Action 3: Ensure Worker Awareness & Knowledge of Life Saving Actions supports this area by asking Participants to require that their employees on location have completed an orientation with a focus on all life saving actions.

OSA Participant Action 6: Improve Effectiveness in Preventing and Mitigating High Consequence Well Control Incidents includes steps to verify that appropriate worksite personnel understand and maintain well control barriers and practices and to ensure that appropriate worksite personnel are trained in well control methods through an accredited program.


The purpose is to establish programs to educate, engage and evaluate the workforce.

The key elements of a successful Workforce are:

  • Training & Qualifications
  • Communication & Engagement
  • Oversight & Feedback


Training & Qualifications

  • Provide site safety orientation to workforce
  • Establish position specific skills and knowledge requirements
  • Provide personnel with necessary training to develop skills and knowledge to perform work

Communication & Engagement

  • Regularly communicate with employees, contract partners, and customers regarding expectations
  • Support and encourage workers to take responsible actions through increased awareness in the work environment
  • Provide feedback regarding opportunities for improvement

Oversight & Feedback

  • Conduct periodic site walkthroughs to evaluate equipment and activities
  • Actively listen to and engage impacted personnel, including relevant third parties and customers, to support continual improvement and learning
  • Provide coaching and feedback to workforce and track identified SIF prevention actions to closure


The OSA provides resources to support companies as they work to improve their safety performance.

Workforce Resources