Helmerich & Payne - Life Belts/Rules To Live By


The H&P Life Belts set out clear, simple, and consistent expectations focused on activities with the highest risk.  H&P Life Belts are rules that highlight simple actions that individuals must take to protect themselves and others from serious injury or fatality.  H&P Life Belts create awareness and accountability for behaviors that may cause fatal, life-threatening, or life-altering injuries.  They are intended to be easily remembered and referenced.

H&P Life Belts were developed in response to a series of serious events and fatalities in the H&P family. After evaluating the causes of these events, it was recognized that there was a list of factors that contributed to these events. These contributing factors were used to create the H&P Life Belts.


H&P LifeBelts

You can learn more about the H&P LifeBelts through the link below. 

H&P LifeBelts

H&P Focus on SIFs

H&P is re-defining its safety success by focusing on both actual and potential SIF incidents. 

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