Marathon Life Critical Expectations


At Marathon, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees and contractors is a core value of our business.  In an effort to minimize our worker’s risk to fatal or severe injury, we have implemented our Life Critical Expectations.  These expectations clearly define the non-negotiable actions all workers must take in order to perform work safely on our jobsites.  Marathon continuously communicates these expectations via Safety Leadership Engagements, HES Awareness Training, Pre-job Safety meetings as well as through the use of Field Reference Tools to ensure that all workers clearly understand these expectations.  Given the severe consequences associated with failing to comply with these Life Critical Expectations, Marathon empowers, and expects, all workers to exercise Stop Work Authority and report any observed violations immediately.  The Company is firmly committed to investigating and learning from all reported Life Critical Expectation violations with the intent of continually improving the safety of our workplace by implementing timely and sustainable corrective actions.