IOGP Life-Saving Rules


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The Onshore Safety Alliance strongly encourages companies who are new to this effort to explore and use the 9 IOGP Life Saving Rules in order to standardize these programs across the oil and gas industry.  IOGP has developed many resources and tools around its rules which are available for free to all companies.  

IOGP Life-Saving Rules

In 2010 IOGP published a set of Life-Saving Rules to mitigate risk and reduce fatalities in the oil and gas industry. These were derived from analysis data reported to IOGP: 1484 fatal incidents (1991-2010) and 1173 high potential events (2000-2010). IOGP members believe that following these simple rules could have prevented around 70% of these fatalities. In 2018, IOGP refined their program into a simplified set of 9 Life-Saving Rules.  The IOGP Life-Saving Rules are not intended to address all risks and hazards in the oil and gas industry; they are meant to draw attention to the activities most likely to lead to a fatality, and the life-saving actions over which an individual has control.

Each Rule consists of an icon and simple life-saving actions individuals can take to prevent a work related fatality. 

Additional information on how to implement the IOGP Life Saving Rules is available in IOGP Report 459: IOGP Life Saving Rules.