The Onshore Safety Alliance (OSA) is a voluntary coalition committed to reducing serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) in U.S. onshore upstream. By the sharing of best practices to identifying and reducing risks, OSA members are dedicated to advancing personal and process safety to reach the shared goal of reducing SIFs. The OSA is an industry-wide program open to all companies engaged in oil and gas exploration and production operations in the onshore space and that are dedicated to the well-being of the industry’s workforce. 



The OSA program is designed to enhance a company’s existing safety program by leveraging the collective expertise of its members and focusing on processes and behaviors that can lead to SIFs. 

Companies commit to carry out defined actions within their organization and to support the OSA Guiding Principles, data collection, and industry sharing & learning. 

The OSA provides resources, guidance, tools and peer-to-peer support to help companies implement the actions. 



The OSA was formed to provide the tools and the platform to assist companies as they work to reduce fatalities and life-altering events. It has 4 core program components to support a company as it works to improve safety within its organization and build a culture of safety. The components are structured around 5 areas of a typical company’s operations to provide opportunity for program growth and sustainability and to align with individual company safety management systems/practices.


The OSA was formed to provide the tools to help your organization significantly reduce SIFs, drive improvements to your safety performance and ensure a culture of safety that begins with your workforce and is customizable to your unique business values and needs.