The entire industry shares the goal of preventing SIFs.  The OSA was formed to provide the tools and the platform to achieve this critical objective.  By having access to a resource library, training webinars and widespread industry safety experts, your organization can significantly reduce SIFs, drive improvements to your safety performance and ensure a culture of safety that begins with your workforce and is customizable to your unique business values and needs.

The OSA program is designed to enhance your existing safety program by leveraging the collective expertise of its members and focusing on processes and behaviors that can lead to SIFs. While joining is voluntary, your participation demonstrates an additional internal and external commitment that shows your company is holding itself accountable and is prioritizing safety as a core value and continuous improvement of your operations.

By joining the OSA, participating members receive the following benefits:

  • Mutual industry support on practices and processes to eliminate SIFs
  • Data to inform safety and operational best practices (while ensuring company privacy)
  • Access to a resource library, implementation tools and training webinars
  • Peer-to-peer support and networking
  • Benchmarking to evaluate performance trends
  • Visible commitment to safety as a core value
  • Opportunity to participate in the building and decision-making elements of OSA

As a collective, the industry also benefits from a stronger collaboration and standardization of safety practices across operators and contractors, as well as more robust data analytics to identify emerging issues.

Join The Alliance

If you're interested in becoming a Program Participant, start here! Find information about how to join the program and what actions you will need to take as a participant.