Confined Space SIF Examples

Identifying serious injury or fatality (SIF) events involves some subjectivity, but these incidents can provide a key learning opportunity for the industry.  Below are examples of types of incidents that may occur under the IOGP Life-Saving Rule Confined Space, broken out by actual and potential SIF and incident type.   This list is not exhaustive, but it is provided to assist the OSA participant in understanding how incidents may be classified.    


IOGP Life-Saving Rule: Confined Space





Operation Type


Incident Description


Incident Type





Maintenance & Inspection



Crude storage tank had been washed and was being ventilated in preparation for entry. Pre-entry atmospheric testing was performed. Upon entry, the inspector's personal 4 gas detector alarmed due to low oxygen and he immediately exited the tank, got a new gas detector and re-entered the tank. The detector alarmed again and the inspector exited and job was shut down.



Near Miss







Maintenance activities were being performed inside a drilling mud pit when the agitator energized, fatally injuring the entrant.



Energy Source